Can A Massage Cause Dizziness (Answered)


Can massage make you dizzy after receiving one? 

I bet this is a question a lot of people would like answered.

Before I answer your question, it’s important to point out that massage therapy is meant to help you relax, rehabilitate after injury, and improve your performance in sports.

Nobody goes into a massage session with the mind of getting dizzy or feeling lightheaded.

So back to the question again!

Can A Massage Cause Vertigo?

Yes, massage can cause vertigo or dizziness in some people. It happens because of the increased blood flow in the head and brain. But it’s nothing serious to worry about. All you need to do is get some rest so that your muscles will have time to re-energize and drink plenty of water to rehydrate. Drinking something that contains a lot of electrolytes will also help to replenish your supply.

5 Things Responsible For Dizziness After A Massage

Sometimes certain things may cause you to feel dizzy after receiving a massage. Mentioned below are five things that can make you dizzy after a massage session:

#1. You Might Not Be Hydrated

One of the reasons you get dizzy after a massage is that you may not be hydrated. Rehydration is necessary for pre and post-massage sessions.

But it’s important to point out that just like with food, you shouldn’t drink too much water. It all comes down to drinking the amount you need and nothing more. 

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Try to take a few sips before a massage session, and a glass of water is usually enough after you’re done.

#2. Low Blood Pressure

You can feel dizzy after a massage if you’re suffering from postural hypotension, a medical condition whereby your blood pressure is lowered whenever you stand or sit.

So if you have this condition and lay on the massage table for two to three hours, you should expect to feel dizzy post-massage.

#3. Post Massage Soreness & Malaise (AKA PMSM)

Research shows that some people experience post-massage soreness and malaise, AKA PMSM, after a deep tissue massage.

So what is PMSM?

In non-scientific layman’s terms, PMSM is a situation where you may seem to feel worse off after receiving a massage than before getting it. And it’s very common after receiving a deep tissue massage.

So the question is, does this condition make you feel dizzy?

The answer differs from one person to another. While many people would say PMSM doesn’t contribute to making them feel dizzy, many others would disagree because it makes them feel dizzy after receiving a massage.

Some people claim that after getting a massage, they experience a severe case of PMSM. And this is always followed by a slight bout of dizziness.

Although, they agree that the dizziness isn’t too intense and may well last between 10-15 minutes, after which they feel tired and sleepy.

#4. High level of Intensity

If the massage session is too intense and you refuse to tell your therapist to stop, your body will soon show how it feels!

Although, we all have different levels of what we perceive as intense for a massage. Exceeding the intensity of your body tolerance can damage your body (especially the muscles). 

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Anyone who has ever had an intense massage knows that!

Although unusual, dizziness can manifest itself as a side effect of all the high-intensity strokes after deep tissue massage!

Additionally, you can feel a little shaken after your body has more “knocks” than it should have. However, enough rest, rehydration, and a hot soup should help you get in shape in the morning!

#5. Blood Sugar Is Running On a Low

It’s a tricky thing when making preparations for your massage session. This is because you don’t want to eat a heavy meal just before getting a massage, as you can feel crappy both during and post-massage sessions. 

Also, you don’t want an empty stomach either before the session.

So striking the right balance may be the only way when it comes to eating before a massage. So a reason you may feel dizzy after receiving a massage is that you have low sugar levels. 

After all, you haven’t taken a meal in a while. If this is the case for you, it will be easy to know since you will feel hungry.

Symptoms Of Dizziness

Below are some significant symptoms you can experience when feeling dizzy:

  • The false sense of spinning
  • A feeling of lightheadedness or feeling faint
  • A feeling of floating or swimming
  • Loss of balance and unsteadiness
  • Sometimes, dizziness is followed by fainting, vomiting, or nausea. 

Seek medical help if you notice that these symptoms persist for an extended period.

Also, consult your doctor when you experience sudden dizziness along with the following:

  • A headache
  • A head injury
  • Ongoing vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • A neck ache
  • Blurred vision
  • A high fever
  • Hearing loss
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Chest pain
  • Droopiness of the eye or mouth
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Dizziness?

According to, Dizziness refers to a range of sensations, such as feeling weak, woozy, faint, or unsteady. Dizziness is not a life-threatening condition, but it can be very unnerving.

How Long Does Dizziness Last After A Massage?

Dizziness may last anywhere from a few minutes to hours. But in extreme cases, it may take a few days or even weeks to wear out completely.

What Should You Do About Dizziness?

When you observe you’re dizzy after a massage, it’s best to take some moments to relax. Also, drinking plenty of water will go a long way to help you recover from the dizziness.

Wrapping Up

Feeling dizzy after receiving a massage isn’t something you should be worried about. Besides, this experience is normal for some people and resting well and rehydrating will fix you for good.

Finally, if you feel booking a massage session is expensive or time-consuming, then try out a massage gun to have enough flexibility with your schedule.

I recommend the Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun because it’s something I have tested personally. Click here to read my review of this affordable Massage gun.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is a result of in-depth research on the subject matter. This article is only for informational and educational purposes, and it’s not intended as medical or health advice. Hence, I suggest you always ensure to seek the opinion of your doctor or other qualified health personnel regarding any questions that relate to health objectives or medical conditions.

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