Can I Use A Massage Gun On My Dog? (Answered)


If you have a dog as a pet, you may have probably at a point in time ask yourself: “Can I use a massager on my dog?”

The answer is yes. You can use a massager on your dog because, like humans, they like a nice massage.

Dr. Jerry Klein, a Chief Veterinary Officer, said:

“Massage therapy allows you to keep in touch with any changes in your dog’s body and at the same time strengthens your bond.

Besides, massage can have a profound effect on the overall physical and mental health of your dog.

Research shows that massage can help your pets to reduce anxiety, stress, and pains. Furthermore, it can also enhance your dog’s flexibility as well as aid their circulation and digestion.

This post shows you how you can use a massage on your dog. 

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How To Massage Your Dog With Massage Gun

Massaging a dog is different from the way humans are massaged. This is because dogs usually need a gentle motion to make them feel comfortable.

The paragraphs below provide some excellent ways to pet your dog.

  • First, ensure your dog is in a submissive and calm state before you start the massage. You can do this by taking your dog for a long walk.
  • The next thing to do is to pet your dog gently. So once you start massaging your dog, make sure you speak gently to the pet to keep it relaxed and calm.
  • Now switch on the massager and use it to apply gentle pressure your dog’s neck. Remember, you must not be hard, so your pet can remain comfortable. Then work it down gently toward the dog’s shoulders. 
  • Now you can move to your dog’s chest and front legs. And if you observe the pet doesn’t like leg massages, move to other areas of the pet’s body. On the other hand, if she enjoys leg massage, ensure you pay extra attention to the area.
  • Also, don’t forget to use massage gun to apply gentle pressure on your dog’s back. Do this by going up and down, in circular motions, on both spine’s sides.
  • However, don’t stop until you move to the back of your dog’s legs. Once you’re done with this step, your pup will be relaxed.
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Massage gun therapy is a technique that can enable you to keep in touch with your dog’s feelings.

Furthermore, it allows you to spot any difference in your dog’s response. That way, you get to know if your pet is having issues.

Moreover, we recommend you use the OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun on your dog. It’s one of the best massagers you can get at an affordable price in the market today.

Best Areas To Massage Your Dog

Administering massage therapy to your dog will calm them down and warm up their muscles before taking a walk with you.

Additionally, a massage gun can relieve your pet’s sore joints and even strained muscles.

So that’s why you must know the right areas to massage your dog so they can enjoy the maximum benefits.


A dog’s head doesn’t contain only muscles, but it also has organs and many blood vessels.

Hence a good massage can increase the blood flow in that region.

Remember that the muscles in the dog’s head, like all other muscles in the body, are vulnerable to spasm and tension. Therefore using a massager on their head will help to reduce their stress level and muscle stiffness.

So always ensure you give your dog a good head massage. It wouldn’t take more than 10-20 minutes of your time. However, be gentle when you use your massage gun on their head.

And don’t put too much pressure on the sensitive areas of the head, except you want your dog to get nervous.


Have you ever noticed your dog turning its entire body to look at things instead of turning just its head?

If your answer is yes, then it means your dog is suffering from a sore and stiff neck. It’s important to mention that dogs can get their neck injured easily. Hence it would do you a lot of good to pay a visit to a vet doctor to help identify any severe injuries.

But if your pet doesn’t have any neck injury, use a massager to relieve its neck of any stiffness and pains. 


The dog’s parasympathetic nervous system is in the region where the neck and head connect. Hence a massager can have a calming effect on this part. Besides, this region is joined to the circulatory system. Therefore massaging a dog’s chest is excellent for its blood pressure and heart.

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It would help if you pulled your dog’s ear flaps gently and then massage them to boost the blood flow.

Also, ensure to rotate your pet’s ear flaps to open its ear canal.

This facilitates air circulation. You can complete the massage therapy by sliding your fingers down your dog-ear flaps.

However, ensure you are careful and also avoid putting much pressure on the ears of your dog.


Overeating, improper diet, bacteria, and other things can make your dogs have digestive issues.

It would be best if you massage your pet’s stomach with gentle circular movements in a clockwise direction.

Moreso, massaging your dog’s belly will stimulate its colon and also alleviate stomach problems.


Different spinal massage techniques are available to serve various needs. For instance, a flat hand massage will allow your dog to relax. And also stretch its skin and muscles.

On the other hand, back and forth rolling movements will unlock contracted muscles and increase blood flow.

Also, you must note that if your dog feels severe pains for its back and you squeeze hard, the pet may abandon you or even bite you. Hence you have got to be gentle.


Administering a paw massage to your dog is like giving a person a hand or foot massage. One good thing about paw massage is that it improves your dog’s circulatory system.

Before giving your dog a massage on its paws, ensure you carefully examine the part to check for any abnormalities.


It hardly matters if your dog is young or old; it’s vulnerable to muscle sprain and strain, joint problems, and arthritis. Fortunately, a nice leg massage will help to alleviate pains, joint issues, and fatigue.

So your pet’s leg is one of the best parts you can massage to loosen up its muscles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to massage your dog?

Yes, it’s good you massage your dog. Besides, research shows massage helps to reduce your dog’s anxiety, increase its blood circulation, and eliminate joint pains. 

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Do dogs like head massagers?

Yes, dogs like head massagers. This is because using massagers on your dog is an excellent way to show you love and honestly care about them. In addition, it also provides a perfect opportunity for you to strengthen your bond with your pet.

Does massage help dogs with arthritis?

Yes, massage guns can help dogs with arthritis. However, it’s important to note that this painful degenerative disease of joint tissue is common among injured and older dogs. You must know that massage may not cure your dog’s arthritis. However, it will relieve them of some of the discomfort and pains associated with this disease.

Do dogs like their paws massaged?

Yes, dogs like their paws to be massaged. Besides, paw massage can help them relax better.

How often do dogs need to be massaged?

It depends on the situation. For instance, an old dog with serious health challenges like chronic pain should be massaged at least once or twice a week. Meanwhile, a dog in good health may only need massaging once or twice monthly.

Final Words

It’s suitable to use massagers on dogs because it can help to reduce muscle soreness and pains. Furthermore, a nice massage on the right spot would improve their blood circulation and relax them.

Lastly, we recommend you use the OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun if you need a quality percussion device that can work wonders for your dog. This massager is affordable and is safe to use on both humans and pets. 

If you need more details about this product, click on the link below to read more about it:

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun Review: Why It’s Worth The Hype

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is a result of in-depth research on the subject matter. This article is only for informational and educational purposes, and it’s not intended as medical or health advice. Hence, I suggest you always ensure to seek the opinion of your doctor or other qualified health personnel regarding any questions that relate to health objectives or medical conditions.

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