Can Massage Guns Be Harmful? (Answered)


Massage guns, also known as Theraguns, helps to curb muscle soreness post-workout and relieve muscle stiffness after it has set in.

In this article, we will analyze some situations when massage guns could be harmful and hard truths you should know about them.

Can Massage Gun Be Harmful?

Yes, massage guns can be harmful in some situations if you don’t use them well. Just as any other type of massage tactic, this percussive therapy can be a double-edged sword.

Are Massage Guns Bad For You?

Massage guns are known to be medically useful for the body. Just as with any other sort of massage tactic, the guns are very helpful in some situations and as well, bad in some cases.

There are some specific scenarios where massage guns should not be used in the body. These scenarios include when you have: strains, sprains, inflammation injuries, and broken bones. 

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Is It Safe To Use A Massage Gun On A Strain? 

Percussion massage guns should not be used when a patient deals with a muscle strain or a pulled muscle. This kind of injury arises if a muscle is stretched beyond its normal range of motion.

Mainly, it is a result of improper form, muscular overuse, and sudden movements. The intense hammering motion of the massage gun further harms the sore muscles.

Should Massage Guns Be Used On A Sprain? 

Several chiropractors avoid using percussion therapy on patients who are suffering from sprain for definite reasons.

A sprain happens when the muscle is torn. And it also occurs from rapid movement when the muscle is spanned beyond its average capacity.

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Research has shown that patients who suffer sprains usually hear a popping noise when the injury happens. Just as it is in muscle strains, massage guns can lead to further damage of the muscle’s sprain and ligaments. 

Is It Safe To Use A Theragun On An Inflammation Injury?

The body is usually inflamed when it is injured. This is not an abnormality but a natural response of the body that aids it in supplying more blood to the region to heal.

Typical inflammation conditions include tendinitis, bursitis, periostitis, and fasciitis. Patients who are undergoing inflammation actively should not go under percussion massage therapy. Hence It’s not advisable for them to use massage guns.

Should I Use A Massage Gun On Broken Bones? 

People try all sorts of things, and that is what makes us human. Patients with broken bones must not undergo any hammering motion from percussive massage therapy.

This also applies to patients who have been cleared for exercise. Any bit of hammering can lead to a break or fracture of the newly mended bone. Hence, they must avoid using massage guns to treat themselves.

How Often Should You Use A Massage Gun? 

When it comes to recovery, massage guns should be used frequently.

Ideally, you should use it for two minutes on the muscles you think will be sore and then 30-60 seconds for other muscles that are not sore.

Furthermore, to treat a muscle, move the device slowly over sore muscles for up to two minutes on each area. It’s not required to apply much pressure to get your desired results.

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Instead, floating the device over the parts of your body you like to treat works just fine. 

Additionally, we recommend you try the Opove M3 Pro massage gun. Click here to read a review of this device.

When Should You Not Use A Massage Gun?

There’re situations when it’s not safe to use the massage gun. Also, certain people should not use them. Thus, you should not consider using a massage gun if you: 

  • Have bleeding disorders or sustain bruises frequently.
  • If you have a high-risk pregnancy
  • If you just had surgery
  • If your skin is easily torn or you have skin disorders 
  • Have nervous system disorders

So, ensure you use your massage gun in the right place, or else it can do more harm than good. 

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Treatment Restrictions

Massage guns offer many therapeutic benefits without the hassle of visiting a massage therapist.

Besides, these electric tools give an effective massage and come with a selection of attachments. This attachment includes different balls of differing firmness and tips that resemble the fingers and other settings. 

Moreover, massage guns are mostly used by resilient athletes such as triathletes because of their numerous benefits.

The gun reduces inflammation by burning extracellular fluids out of the muscle tissue. It can also help relax tight muscles, break up scar tissue and bondings. Massage gun also reduces muscle soreness and tension. 

Furthermore, you should perform your percussive massage on yourself.

Because if someone uses the gun on you, regardless of their skills or experience, they won’t be able to tell how much pressure they are exerting on your body. And also how much pain you might be undergoing as a result of the exertion. 

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Massage guns are excellent and effective. However, percussion therapy has a place and time to use it. There’re times when it’s useful, and also times you should avoid using it.

While you may think that massage is always the option, that’s not always the case. Instead, there’re some cases where massage guns should not be employed on the body.

A massage gun is only effective if you use it in the right area. Lastly, you will worsen the situation if you use it in the wrong place. 

Disclaimer: The information contained in this website results from in-depth research on various topics. The articles on this site are only for informational and educational purposes, and it’s not intended as medical or health advice. Hence, we suggest you always ensure to seek the opinion of your doctor or other qualified health personnel regarding any questions that relate to health objectives or medical conditions.

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