Can You Bring A Massage Gun On A Plane

Can You Bring A Massage Gun On A Plane

Traveling or going on a long journey can be stressful and tiring. Hence, it will make sense to carry your massage gun or theragun along. 

Besides, massage guns are versatile and portable gadgets that you can use anytime and anywhere.

But then, many people still have doubts about bringing a massage gun on an airplane when traveling. They worry about TSA’s regulations or restrictions.

So Can You Bring A Massage Gun On A Plane

Yes, you can carry your massage gun or theragun on a plane when traveling. However, you need to read the tips below on how to do this so that it would be approved.

How To Travel On A Plane With A Massage Gun

A TSA officer may not approve if you pack your massage gun in your luggage. The reason is that devices with a lithium battery are prohibited in checked baggage. And most massage guns have lithium

Mentioned below are some relevant tips to help you travel with ease if you bring a massage gun with you.

  • Do not carry them in checked bags under any circumstances. If a TSA officer finds out, they will likely remove it.
  • While the search is in progress, keep your massage gun or theragun in the basket to let the officer know it’s in your possession.
  • Since some electronic devices have removable batteries, you may be able to check your device and bring the batteries on the plane with you in your carry-on or luggage. Hence, remove the batteries before the airline operatives check your carry-on because it doesn’t fit.
  • Most massage guns and accessories come with a travel case or bag. Hence if you need to quickly remove it from your carry-on, then it should be fairly simple. This is a major advantage!
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Best Massage Gun Attachments For Traveling On A Plane

There are a variety of massage gun heads to pick from, each with its target muscle(s) and method of operation.

The following are the best massage gun heads for back pain:

  • Fork Attachment Heads: This is a standard attachment for practically all massage guns. It can be used on larger muscular groups, including quads, hamstrings, and glutes because it covers more painful muscle areas than other attachments.
  • Bullet Head Attachment: A pointed head attachment might be handy when dealing with an excruciating area. If you want to get rid of muscular knots, you’ll need this. As long as you keep them far from your spine, these attachments are perfect for leg and back muscles.
  • Flat Head Attachment: Flathead massage gun attachments are ideal for targeting your lower back’s massive muscles. Start with a low setting and work your way up to a higher one because the massage will be firm. It’s also a great head to use before and after activities to reduce tightness and prevent injuries.
  • Round Head Ball Attachment: There are two types of round ball head attachments; big and tiny. While the larger one is better for bigger muscles, the smaller one is better for soft tissue massage.

Massage Gun For Traveling (My recommendation)

We have different percussion massage guns and theragun brands available in the market today. But, some are very expensive to purchase.

Furthermore, others are cheap but may not have specific features that make a percussion massage gun more effective and user-friendly.

I recommend the Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun to help because it’s budget-friendly, easy to use, and effectively alleviates pains around your thigh muscles.

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This device also has a good battery life, sleek design, and features that you will usually find on other high-end and expensive recovery tools like the theragun.

Click here to read the Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun review to get further information about the product.

Who Invented Massage Gun

A massage gun is a tool that allows users to enjoy the numerous benefits of vibrotherapy. It works on the principle of vibrations and requires no oil or massage therapist.

So, who invented the massage gun? Jason Werseland, a Los Angeles-based chiropractor, invented the massage gun in 2008.

The History of The Massage Gun

With the transition into the 21st century, the idea of ​​self-massage has spread and has become a permanent trend. Most people would prefer to get their massage experience at home or in the gym instead of booking a session with a massage therapist.

The global demand for such an experience was finally met when the massage gun was invented in 2008. A Los Angeles-based chiropractor named Jason Werseland discovered how to combine relaxation and ease of use in one tool. Hence the discovery of the massage gun. 

The massage gun was invented after Jason had a fatal motorcycle accident. He suffered from back pain and herniated discs as a result of the accident.

Final Words

it’s important to understand that it’s not allowed to carry removable lithium batteries in your checked baggage. However, most massage guns, such as the Opove M3 Pro are permitted in carry-on bags. However, you must ensure to put the device neatly in your bag to prevent it from jiggling around. Lastly, it doesn’t matter the massage gun brand you’re traveling with. Make sure to keep it inside your carry-on luggage.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is a result of in-depth research on the subject matter. This article is only for informational and educational purposes, and it’s not intended as medical or health advice. Hence, I suggest you always ensure to seek the opinion of your doctor or other qualified health personnel regarding any questions that relate to health objectives or medical conditions.

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