How To Massage A Cat To Poop


Can you massage a cat to help them poop? Yes, you can! Besides, a vital part of cat care is allowing them to pass out feces or poop? Wondering how to Massage a cat to poop? Then, follow the tips outlined in this article!

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Tips To Massage Your Cat To Poop

Below are some essential tips you shouldn’t ignore if you wish to massage your cat or kitten to poop without hitches:

#1. Position Your Cat For Massage Stimulation. 

After you feed your cat, hold the pet so that your non-dominant arm is under its stomach and its back is toward you. Your grip should be gentle but firm enough that your cat cannot break away free from your hand. Ensure to massage the cat in a warm room. Besides, cats, especially the young ones, can become seriously ill or even die if they catch a cold.

#2. Spread A Warm Wet Towel Over Your Dominant Hand. 

You will need this towel to stimulate your cat’s belly and bottom areas to allow the pet to poop. A bright towel is preferred so you can also see if the cat has peed or not. It’s noteworthy to mention that you should use a towel designed only for pets. 

For example, do not use a towel you use in the kitchen or for washing your face. You can also use cotton balls or cheesecloth with warm water or gauze to help your young cat poop.

#3. Move your Towel Covered Hand Towards The Kitten’s bottom. 

Ensure to gently massage your cat’s bottom region through the cloth using your thumb and fingers. Your thumb should do most of the work, functioning similarly like the mother cat’s tongue as she licks her babies’ buttocks to make them walk.

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#4. Always Examine if Your Cat Has Pooped Or Peed.

When your cat begins urinating, you will feel extra warmth in your hand massaging its bottom. Nevertheless, continue to massage until the urine flow stops, then check if your cat is about to poop. This process shouldn’t be more than about one minute. 

If your cat does not pee or poop after eating, then it’ll be best to take the pet to a veterinarian.

#5. Adjust The Towel On Your Hand So That A Clean Spot Is Over Your Thumb. 

Keep massaging and readjust the towel if necessary. Move the towel from time to time so that the feces do not dirty your cat. If you make use of cotton balls or gauze, discard soiled materials and continue with neat ones. Don’t forget that it is normal for a kitten poop to be soft so long as they drink the formula. 

Once your kitten switches to solid food, then they will start passing out solid feces.

#6. Clean And Dry Off Your Cat’s Bottom When It Has Finished Pooping.

After your cat is done defecating, wipe its bottom well to ensure it is clean. Then with a dry washcloth or towel, dry the cat’s bottom as much as possible. Moreover, keeping your cat’s bottom clean and dry can prevent rashes or other dangerous infections.

#7. Return The Pet To Its Holding Area. 

If it’s still a kitten, then put it back in the box or cage where you keep it with its litter-mates. Apply the massage with each kitten you care for repeatedly. Ensure you use a fresh towel for each kitten.

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#8. Clean Up Your Materials. 

If you use gauze or cotton balls, throw them away. If you use towels, then wash them thoroughly after use. The best option is to wash it in a washing machine hot with detergent and bleach. Avoid keeping the towels dirty and using them the next time you have to make your cat poop. 

If you reuse dirty towels, your cat can get an infection that can be a severe issue for its health.

#9. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly After Massaging Your Cat’s Bottom. 

Placing a towel between your cat’s arm and the bottom area does not mean that urine and feces will not get on your hands. Make sure to use antibacterial soap and warm water to wash your hands after you’re done massaging your cat to poop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you massage a cat’s belly?

A good number of cats like it when their tummies are being stimulated, while others don’t like it. So ensure you take things gently and slowly when massaging your cat belly. Also, monitor its responses. If your pet seems to enjoy the belly massage, keep doing it gently for a minute or two.

How do you massage a kitten’s belly to poop?

Young kittens need their mothers’ tongue stimulation to poop. If they are orphaned, they should be carefully stimulated by the caregiver before each meal. Use a soft baby wipe or paper towel to stimulate the kitten’s bottom in a circular motion and keep moving while and until the kitten poops.

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How long do you have to stimulate a kitten to poop?

Depending on the age of your kitten, it may take 10 to 40 seconds. If the kitten needs to defecate, ensure to stimulate its bottom as they’re pushing.

Why do kittens cry while pooping?

Once kittens get used to using a litter box independently, it’s not uncommon for them to be a little picky about pooping. If a kitten screams every time it poops or makes an effort to use the litter box, take it to the vet to make sure there is no medical problem.

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Final Words

When preparing to massage your cat or kitten to poop, ensure you don’t hold it too tightly, or you will crush it, causing internal injury and even death. Also, soft but firm hands are required when working with baby kittens. Your grip should be firm enough that it can’t escape no matter how small the kitten is! Moreso, don’t hold your cat too lightly and be too rough with it when applying the massage. 

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is a result of in-depth research on the subject matter. This article is only for informational and educational purposes, and it’s not intended as medical or health advice. Hence, I suggest you always ensure to seek the opinion of your doctor or other qualified health personnel regarding any questions that relate to health objectives or medical conditions.

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