How To Use Massage Gun On Calves (Explained)

How To Use Massage Gun On Calves

Calf pains give numbness in the legs or a tingling sensation in the calves. These pains are usually accompanied by tightness behind the lower leg. 

Nevertheless, you can use a massage gun to reduce calf pains.

So Can Massage Guns Help With Calves Pain?

Yes, a massage gun can help to reduce pains and tingling sensations around the calf region. In addition, research shows that percussion therapy is effective for boosting blood circulation, which allows the transportation of oxygen and other vital nutrients to the calves and muscles.

How to Use A Massage Gun On Your Calf Muscle

Mentioned below are guidelines to follow when using the massage gun for your calf muscle:

  1. Take off your shoes before you use the massage gun on your calf to take tension off your calf muscle
  1. Avoid standing on your toes when using the massage gun on your calf.
  1. Ensure to assume a position that you find most convenient. I usually suggest you sit with your knees arched slightly upward.
  1. Before you begin the massage, expose your calf muscle and ensure your cloth doesn’t interfere.
  1. Move the massage gun over your calf muscles gently, and let the percussive device rest on different parts of the gastrocnemius and soleus. This should last for about 30 seconds. Make sure the back of your calf is not left out.
  1. If you feel a knot of tension in the calf area, you should allow the massage gun to stay for about 60 seconds.
  1. If you have a medical device or implant, you should seek supervised medical attention before using the massage gun on your calf.
  1. Do not use the massage gun on the prosthetic joining area without professional medical supervision.
  1. Consult your doctor or qualified medical personnel before using the massage gun, especially if you have an underlying ailment.
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Note: The roundhead of the massage gun is best suited for round-shaped muscles like gastrocnemius. At the same time, hammerheads are best used for flat muscles like the soleus.

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Massage Gun For calves (My Recommendation)

We have different massage guns and theragun brands available in the market today. But, unfortunately, some are very expensive to purchase.

Furthermore, others are cheap but may not have specific features that make a massage gun much more effective and user-friendly.

That’s why I recommend the Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun to help with the pains you feel in your calf.

The Opove M3 Pro is budget-friendly, easy to use, and effectively reduces pains and any tingling sensations from your calf muscle.

This device also has a good battery life, sleek design, and features that you will usually find on other high-end and expensive recovery tools like the theragun.

Click here to read the Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun review if you wish to get further information about the product.

When to Use A Massage Gun On Calves  

For you to get the most out of your massage gun, you must understand there are times when it’s most convenient to use it. Below are situations you can use a massage gun on your calf:

Before A Workout

Many people in the fitness industry see massage guns as recovery tools; however, you can use them before your workout session. 

This ensures that not only is your body getting excellent blood flow, but it also primes your muscles for exercise by activating the “fight or flight” system that prepares the body for activity. 

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To enjoy better results, target the parts you will be training. For example, if you want to do push-ups, be sure to massage your pecs. Aim for the abs around the belly region, and ensure you massage these muscles for about 30 seconds. Ensure you don’t overdo it.

During Your Workout Session

Do you know that using a massage gun between sets helps your body relax during work? 

Yes, using a massage gun when you’re working out relieves any tension you feel within your muscle group. 

Besides, research proves that massage is an effective option to excite your muscles. So you can use a massage gun instead of stretching. But ensure you don’t overdo it. 15 seconds is enough!

After A Workout Session

The best you can do for your body when it’s agitated is relax it. This is where a device like a massage gun comes into play. 

You relieved your body tension by targeting tight muscles with the massage gun. Also, ensure you massage those areas for about 1 to 2 minutes. 

Furthermore, make sure you target the abdominal muscles and avoid bony and joint areas. 

Nevertheless, many health experts recommend that when your body is tense, it is best not to massage your muscles immediately. 

Instead, you should let your body rest for a few hours before you use the massage gun. Then, to get better results, use different heads for different parts.

After A Long Day In Office When You Need To Relax 

Massage guns help relax your body, which is precisely when you need them. For example, sometimes you need to relax after a busy day at work. 

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Therefore, you can set aside 10 minutes to receive massage gun therapy. However, do not overdo it and do not spend more than 60 seconds on a specific muscle group.

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Final Words

Most massage guns come with rechargeable batteries. Hence, using the device for a very long time can lead to overheating. And this can cause discomfort when using it to massage your body.

Fortunately, the manufacturer of these devices figured this issue out and built a shut-off system in them. 

Hence, most devices will turn off automatically after approximately 10 minutes of continuous use. But since sometimes 10 minutes is not enough, a high-end massage gun will automatically turn off after 20 minutes. 

The massage gun is a milestone for calf wellness and recovery with proper use.

Disclaimer:The information contained in this article is a result of in-depth research on the subject matter. This article is only for informational and educational purposes, and it’s not intended as medical or health advice. Hence, I suggest you always ensure to seek the opinion of your doctor or other qualified health personnel regarding any questions that relate to health objectives or medical conditions.

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