What Is A Percussion Massager? (Analyzed & Explained)


A Percussion massager is a drill-like machine that’s becoming increasingly popular in the health/fitness industry. This instrument, without a doubt, is a game-changer because it can help you tackle muscle pain, tightness, fatigue, or soreness.

Furthermore, this article provides information on what is a Percussion Massager, and other relevant details.

What Does A Percussion Massager Do?

This tool uses soft and fast strokes to shock muscle fibers for short periods. Not only do these rapid taps promote blood flow to the area, but it also help muscles release tension.

Percussion massager is a breakthrough therapy for soft tissue soreness and pain because it can relax the muscles and heal it quickly.

So how does a percussion massager help relieve muscle soreness and pains?

This instrument helps to enhance the repair and growth of tissues by allowing blood flow to the area. A percussion massager can help alleviate muscle pains and accelerate the range of function and motion.

More importantly, this innovative device can provide a gentle stretch to your muscles and connective tissues.

Also, you must understand allowing the flow of blood to your muscles and reducing inflammation is an excellent way to recover from muscle soreness and cramps.

And it will also enhance blood flow and decrease inflammation. This makes this tool an ideal addition to your exercise routine!

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Why Use Percussion Massager

Many fitness experts agree that the percussive massage gun can help people with muscle soreness or soft tissue injuries.

Besides, research shows that this type of massager can quicken the healing process of muscles that have been fractured or injured due to disease, accident, and trauma. 

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We recommend you use the percussion massager because of the following benefits:

  • The percussion massager helps to boost lymphatic and venous circulation.
  • This device can break down internal scar tissue, present after surgeries or injuries.
  • This device helps to relieve stiff joints, thereby increasing the range of movement.
  • The percussion massage gun relaxes thickened fascia and connective tissue.
  • This instrument is ideal for muscle fiber elongation, mainly when restrictions, stiffness, and spasms are present.
  • Percussive stimulation relieves muscle tightness and reduces stress on bones and joints.

How Long To Use Percussion Massager

One common question people always ask is how long they can use their percussion massager?

To this end, we recommend you use a percussion massager for a maximum of 120 seconds and a minimum of 15 seconds per muscle group (note this is dependent on the desired result of the user). Nevertheless, you shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes for a full-body session. 

Nonetheless, float your percussion massager for 30 seconds before a workout. This allows your muscle to wake up and activate instantly.

Then use your percussion massager for another 15 seconds to reactivate your muscles during any physical activity, including workout.

Besides, this device will not only keep your muscles active, but it also helps to re-energize and relieve you of muscle fatigue and spasms.

Lastly, float your percussion massager for up to 120 seconds to accelerate muscle recovery and pain relief post-workout.

This is useful to alleviate soreness on any muscles that need instant pain relief. Also, ensure you treat yourself 2-3 times each day.

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Safety Tips When Using A Percussion Massager

To get the best out of the percussion massager, you must learn to understand how the device works and utilize it correctly. Make sure you know which part of the body you can use it on and which body parts you can’t use it on. 

The paragraphs below provide some helpful safety tips to adhere to when using a percussion massager:

  • Ensure you read the warnings, contraindications, and directions before you use the percussion massager
  • Avoid using it on the front or close to the neck or throat. Doing this could lead to a dissection of the internal carotid artery or even stroke. 
  • If you have any sort of blood clot, then avoid using the percussion massager.
  • Avoid using this massager with loose clothing such as scarves because it can cause injury or strangulation.
  • Avoid using the device if you have an implanted medical device.
  • Don’t use the device on the head, face, or chest.
  • Before you use it on children or the elderly, discuss it with your medical practitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a percussion massager break up cellulite?

Yes, a percussion massager can help reduce the signs of cellulite on your legs. Meanwhile, when you combine specific leg exercises with a percussion massager, it can accelerate cellulite decrease. Ensure you exercise your leg muscles and tone up muscles under lumpy areas to make your skin look more even.

Whats the difference between percussion and vibration?

The percussion device works similarly to the vibration massager. Percussion exerts a force on the body part you want to treat. However, a critical difference between both therapy is that percussion goes 60% deeper into the muscle than vibrations, which offers more profound massage-like benefits.

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What is a percussion massager?

The percussion massager is also called a massage gun or a theragun. This device utilizes an up and down motion to promote blood flow and helps break up light muscle fiber adhesions. Furthermore, it’s best to use for deep tissue massage. 

Are percussion massagers safe?

Yes, percussion massagers are safe to use. However, you need to stick to certain precautions to use the device appropriately. Some of the precautions you should take when using the machine include the following:

  • Ensure you use the percussion massager over your muscles. And avoid pressing the device down hard when using it.
  • Don’t use your percussion massager over bony areas, except you’re using a softer vibrational massager. 

Final Words

Research shows that percussion massagers can cause contractions about 30 times much more potent than regular voluntary contractions.

This leads to increased muscle strength and enhances recovery of muscle. Percussion massagers also improve balance and muscle tone. 

We recommend you purchase the Opove M3 Pro if you are on a tight budget. Click HERE to read a review of the device!

Using the Opove M3 increases circulation to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. This alleviates muscle fatigue and soreness. Little wonder, this brand is recommended for athletes to help them recover from an intense workout and sports training.

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